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Citilink promo tickets October 2013

Last update: 16 September 2014

No promo tickets found - it looks like there are no promo tickets on this route at the moment. Please choose different route or return later. You can also check the Promo Flights Tracker to find tickets on sale from other airlines

11 things you should know about Citilink

  1. 1 You can make a Citilink ticket reservation online
  2. 2 It's always a good idea to compare Citilink prices with fares from other airlines
  3. 3 There are pools of tickets that are offered at special promo price
  4. 4 When booking online, you will receive an e-ticket
  5. 5 Citilink offers group bookings for groups of minimum 10 people travelling together
  6. 6 Ticket price refunds are allowed only under the exceptional circumstances
  7. 7 Name and flight changes are allowed for a small fee
  8. 8 Citilink check-in time is 1 hour before departure
  9. 9 Citilink cabin baggage allowance is 7kg and 50x36x15cm
  10. 10 Citilink check-in baggage allowance is 20kg
  11. 11 Windsurfing boards, musical instruments, golf bags, etc can travel for an additional fee

Citilink flight reservation & booking online

Before booking a Citilink ticket we advise you to compare prices with other budget airlines operating in Indonesia:

Once you found your flight, you can make a ticket reservation directly with us. The booking process is quick, simple and secure - TIKET2 takes care of everything. You will receive the e-ticket directly to your email-box right after the payment is made. Just print it out and take it with you to the airport. And in unfortunate case you need return your ticket - we will go through the whole complex process on your behalf - so you don't have to waste your precious time.

Citilink cheap tickets in October 2013

Citilink usually reserves a limited pool of promo tickets to be offered at special, discounted price. Those promo tickets are available for most flights, especially for the popular routes - where the competition among the airlines is tough.

Tiket2 monitors all Citilink prices as they change in real time, and bubble up the cheapest, promo tickets - so you can save on your trips.

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